Genre: Extreme Metal / Melodic Death Metal

A little more than 10 years after its formation, and spanning two full albums and a 2-track single, the Athens-based quartet Caelestia has evolved its style from symphonic female-fronted dark metal to a more extreme metal sound. Our latest release, the EP “Infernalia,” marks this bold transition, embracing modern death metal with melodic and black metal passages.

We’ve shared the stage with major metal acts like Katatonia , The Vision Bleak , Arch Enemy ,Draconian, Insomnium, Tribulation, and Carach Angren at domestic shows, and have also performed abroad. Our journey includes festivals in Belgium (MFVF) and Slovakia, and a European tour (2019) with Vulture Industries, Helheim, and Madder Mortem.

Produced by M. Meleteas, and mixed and mastered by J. van der Broek, “Infernalia” is now available on all major streaming platforms. This EP is just the beginning—more material is on the way!

Caelestia Line-Up:

Vocals: Pantelis “Lordwinter” Daskalelos
Bass: Stelios “SD” Tragos
Guitars: Vassilis Thomas
Drums: March Reign (ex-Morgoth, ex-Destruction)

A glimpse of what is coming

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